Completed Games

The Unknowns Saga

The very first game of The Unknowns Saga series, many consider this to be volume 0 due to its beginning. A short Visual Novel that tells the tales of Angel or Dark Unknown. Not much is being told but many popular characters have meet each other.


A small story in Japan, where one girl is stolen and living with the kidnapper. Ryuu plans to use his daughter and the stolen girl to summon the oni that grants wishes. That night happen when Haru storm into Ryuu house with a army. It was too late and the oni was summoned but he was mad, he place a trial to the girls and their fathers to end the fight that has been going on for years.

Special thanks to: nyangc

Serious to the end

ur narrator born in Hawaii meets a young college student who goes to the same school. He was practicing for the 10k marathon until the narrator saw the young girl crying. Her name is Aya, her trouble life is leading her to consider suicide or murder as an alternative to being happy. The story progress to more and more life changing events that happens almost everyday in the real world.

U.A.U.I.M Challenge

U.A.U.I.M is challenging you to a shoot 'em up game. Try to beat the ultimate machine at it's own game as the heartless robot will try everything to beat you. 32 stages, 3 bombs and life, unlimited continue will be the only thing you ever get in this game. Everything else will be from your skills.

Do you have what it takes to beat the ultimate machine?


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